Simaisma Beach

If you go to Simaisma expecting to sit on soft, golden sand watching your kids splash around in the water just a few meters in front of you, you will be disappointed. The sea is quite a distance from the beach, especially at low tide, and the shallow water extends for a good 100 m before getting deep enough for swimming.

Nevertheless, this beach is a great place to come and blow away the cobwebs. Budding explorers, nature-lovers and bird-watchers will enjoy exploring the mangroves (on your left as you face the sea)—a rare example of natural greenery and wildlife in Qatar.

As would be expected in a mangrove-friendly area the texture of the sand is muddy and slippery. Not so good for building sand castles, but if you're comfortable with messy play, your kids will have oodles of fun covering themselves in mucky, squidgy sand—a great sensory experience!

All said and done, a morning at Simaisma Beach is a thoroughly enjoyable family outing. It has all the facilities you need to make for a hassle-free family day out: toilets, shaded areas, playgrounds, a soccer pitch and food and drink outlets (in the village, not on the beach).

Active kids will love being set loose on the three playgrounds and having the freedom to run around in a wide, open space, kick a ball, explore the mangroves and have fun.




Sat-Thu 8:00AM to 12:30PM
Sat-Wed 3:30PM to 7:00PM


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