Farkeh Beach. Let’s call it that way as you can arrive at the beach by following Farkeh Coast road signs. Security Guard building also bears the name Farkeh. Online maps however named it differently i.e. Al Khor Family Beach or Nouf Beach.


This well-equipped beach is situated at a small peninsula at eastern Al Khor overlooking mangrove strips and Purple Island. The route to the beach starts from the first roundabout at the end of Al Khor Highway (supposed you drive from Doha. Take a right turn and follow Farkeh Coast brown signs. About 2.4km from the roundabout you’ll need to take an offroad track for another 2.2km. If you happen to arrive to Marine Scout Camp, a building at the end of asphalt road, you’ve gone too far and missed the turnoff.


Farkeh Beach is fenced beach. Exit and entrance is through a single security gate and continuously manned. Once you pass the gate, you can park anywhere behind concrete barriers that separate perimeter road/parking slots to the beach. From this parking area, you have to walk between 50-100m to the shades.


There are about 50 something shades along 1-km strip of beach. Nevertheless, the beach starts becoming a favorite, so 50 may not seem many. This flat beach, you can venture out knee-deep until hundreds of meters. Beware though that the shore is bordered with an inlet to Al Khor Fish market and is a busy route for fisherman, where deep channel is provided for the boats. When we were there from 2-5pm, the sea receded, leaving out muddy shore for use.


Apart from shades, the beach is equipped with toilet and shower facilities (one at each end), three big sandboxes, several barbecue stands, and children playgrounds. I believe that camping is not permitted here although you can pitch small beach tent during your visit.


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