Tawar Mall

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The ground-breaking shopping destination of Qatar, endowed with never-before-seen attractions, a spectacular design and a distinctive semblance of luxury; this was the vision upon which our story began.

In 2004, the late Jabr Tawar Al-Kuwari commenced the Tawar Mall project with the mission to provide a revolutionary shopping experience with a unique sense of style, quality and excitement for his customers.

Since his passing in 2015, his son, Jassim Jabr Tawar Al-Kuwari has guided the project, seeking to fulfil the original ambition of his father. Under his leadership, the new international team have added innovative and unique concepts on the journey to create an extraordinary shopping experience.

As one of the largest upcoming shopping malls in Qatar, Tawar Mall will offer you a full experience of entertainment, dining and stunning visuals. Tawar Mall has been designed to the highest international standards, where every turn provides stylish and unique design elements.

Towering over an awe-inspiring area of over 300,958 sqm with 91,000 sqm of leasable retail space, Tawar Mall is slated to be one of Qatar’s most elegant shopping mall. Enjoy the Mall’s feature-size Cinema, indulge yourself in one of our fine dining Restaurants and complete your visit with a pleasant stay in our Boutique Hotel.

Tawar Mall provides a unique brand proposition, offering new shopping opportunities for the local Qatar community and broadening Qatar’s blossoming retail landscape.

Located in the heart of commuter and business routes, Tawar Mall offers maximum convenience as well as brand new concepts for the region. In this magnificent environment, you will find yourself at the apex of Doha’s development as you discover one of the most breath-taking panoramic view over the city.

Tawar Mall has invited the world’s biggest and brightest brands, with all the latest releases from the foremost international names in fashion, sport & leisure, gadgets and more. Tawar Mall will offer the most contemporary and cosmopolitan range of commercial brands in Doha.

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