Colour Grading with Tashi Trieu: Davinci Resolve Training Course

The course provides an introduction to colour grading and the popular grading software, DaVinci Resolve. It is the ideal course for editors, digital imaging technicians, directors of photography, visual-effects technicians, aspiring colourists, and anybody with a desire to explore colour correction.


This course is geared towards beginners who have never used the Davinci Resolve software platform or have some limited experience with colour correction. Users who are familiar with colour grading in another platform or have some experience with Resolve will certainly benefit.


The two-day workshop consists of group tutorials that cover the process and theory of Colour Grading, Hollywood-style practices, and the operational side of Resolve. This will include practical training on colour workflows, grading approaches and techniques, case studies, and practical examples; and advisory sessions in small groups that allow participants to practice what they have learned.


Dates: 24 and 25 July, 2017 

Application Deadline: 10 July, 2017

Hours: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Language: English

Lab Fee: 500 QAR

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Group Size: 10 to 12 participants

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