Pro Screen

Who we are?

Pro Screen Professional Media was founded in Jan 2008 as a creative collective for film production. Our aim is the creation of artistic valuable and successful video production ranging from feature to documentary films. Our current focus lies in live TV show, documentaries and commercial advertisements for cinema and TV. 

A story to tell

We believe that movies matter, that they can contribute to a collective consciousness, provoke discussions and change for a better society. Our portfolio is continuously growing and in the last years, we found a focus on films with deep technical aspects. 


Pro Screen Media Services was founded by a team of motivated doers and is led by a talented executive. Pro Screen specializes in unique, one-off, high-profile, challenging projects requiring a great deal of logistics, production coordination, communication, and true hands-on interaction from concept through execution. We use an agile and customized approach for each individual production no two are ever alike.

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